Lookout points

Lookout points

Discover the lookout points that offer fabulous views of the Fryken valley.

Lookout points

When you are gazing out over of the breathtaking views of lake Fryken, it is easy to understand why the surroundings have inspired so many people. To find the best views of the Fryken valley, make sure to visit one of these lookout points!


Tossebergsklätten is located in Stöpafors, between Sunne and Torsby along the road E45. The view from the top is spectacular, and even better if you climb up the stairs in the lookout tower. 


In the nature and exercise area around Sundsberg, you can follow the Sundsberg trail to the top of Klövberget. Enjoy a mile-wide view of Fryken valley, the landscape of Selma Lagerlöf.


This lookout point is located along road 238 that goes from Sunne to Arvika, about 20 kilometers south west of Sunne. It offers a view of many miles over Middle Fryken, and when the weather is clear you can see all three churches in Sunne, Västra Ämtervik, and Östra Ämtervik.


Another beautiful lookout point is Gettjärnsklätten. It offers a beautiful view of lake Rottnen, and is located about 15 kilometers north west of Sunne, on the way to Gräsmark. Along the hiking trail that leads you to the top, you will discover rare vegetation and maybe meet some wildlife.