Conference at Selma Spa

Does your business need a fresh start? Come to Selma Spa to get new energy, build community and relax together.

At Selma Spa, meetings are so much more than staying in nice rooms and eating good food.

Does your business need a fresh start? Come to Selma Spa to get new energy, build community and relax together.

Here you will find the perfect balance between heart rate and pleasure. Selma Spa has a full-fledged conference facility with everything you could wish for. Meeting room, group room and banquet hall with dance floor and bar. Treatments, hot baths, comfy beds and good food. In addition, Selma Spa offers a variety of activities, which help you find focus, presence and togetherness. Everything from adventure and adrenaline kicks to quieter teamwork exercises and relaxation at the spa and in nature.

Take a look at the basic packages for day conference or full pension packages. Or contact Selma Spa and they will tailor an experience that suits you.

  • Selma Spa has 8 conference rooms and 5 group rooms where the largest room takes about 330 people.
  • The lobby offers the opportunity for fairs and events with bulky items or table setting for parties of up to 500 people.

Selma Spa is located on Lake Fryken and is the right place for you to re-connect with yourself in, beyond everyday schedules and the must-dos. Here training and relaxation go hand in hand and you will find all kinds of nature experiences around the corner. Find peace in the fresh air, embrace the beautiful scenery on the knot with fantastic hiking trails or challenge yourself with a ride on a mountain bike.

Selma Spa is one of Sweden's first real Spa. In 2018, Selma spa received the award as Värmland's first hotel in White Guide as one of the most interesting, exciting and best hotels in Sweden. It is not difficult to understand why when one feels so strongly the calm that is found in the surroundings and in the philosophy that is permeated by the care and responsibility of both the planet and the guests. The food served consists of ingredients from local producers. Personal assistance and help is offered during the training sessions, so that you get your own fresh start.

Selma Spa
Box 500 / Sundsberg
686 28 Sunne
Selma Spa
Sundsbergsvägen 3
686 35 Sunne
Municipality: Sunne
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