Gruvrundan is a hiking trail that offers both an interesting cultural environment and a nice natural environment. You will reverently enjoy a large, magnificent John Bauerskog with tall spruces.

At the mining remains you can be captivated by the azure mountain walls. Let yourself soar on the wings of history to when the place resounded with hammer blows and hundreds of people worked here. Let yourself be fascinated by how quickly nature takes over places while you can see traces of ancient wear and tear. This is a trail that takes you up and down over logs and rocks, where each curve hides a new surprise. A hike that leaves you full of impressions and still lets you rest in the stillness of nature.

The Pecker Round is a shorter alternative to the Mining Round. Gruvrundan's starting point is also the starting point for Tiskaretjärnsleden, which in turn connects to Ängenleden. In total, it is a trail system with over 40 km of marked trails.