Tischasslingan, Tiskaretjärn

The Tischass trail takes you around Tiskaretjärn, a sparkling little lake in a vast coniferous forest landscape. Tischan is the local name for the farm Tiskaretjärn which is protected as a nature reserve.

The trail goes through the reserve's meadows. Forest Finns came here at the end of the 16th century and brought with them their tradition of swidden farming and bog cultivation. The farm is a Finn settlement that has been used since the early 17th century. Today, the ancient cultivated landscape is preserved and nurtured. Here are meadows with many unusual meadow plants that are beaten with a scythe after flowering. In the pastures, cows and sheep graze on old landraces such as red hills and Värmland sheep.

Tischasslingan is a roundabout that partly follows the Tiskaretjärnsleden and partly local small roads. The tablecloth loop is for the most part easy to walk. The moderately difficult parts are a fence over a fence and about 200 meters of forest path.