Follow a serpentine road up to breathtaking views and enjoy the beautiful Fryken valley.

In his book “Tjuven”, Göran Tunström writes “The highest thing is to behold God. The second highest is to stand on top of Tossebergsklätten and gaze out over this world”. Other authors who have been inspired by this view are Selma Lagerlöf and Anders Fryxell.  

Tossebergsklätten rises to 343 over sea level and you can get there by walking a two kilometer long “serpentine road”, which has an incline that is over 200 m. The reward is an awesome view. The name hints at the old folklore belief that giants and mountain people lived here. It is believed that Tosse alludes to an older dialect where “tusse” meant giant and “toss” meant troll.  

Gurlita klätt 

It has been said that Selma Lagerlöf drew inspiration for Gösta Berlings Saga when she stood up here at the top of the mountain and gazed out over the landscape. Perhaps she saw a bear. In any case she renamed the mountain Gurlita dressed in literature and many people might perhaps remember the chapter about the big bear at Gurlita klätt.

And regarding Värmland’s “national anthem”, it is said that Anders Fryxell discovered the words for this anthem right on this very spot.