Selma spa – Sunne Spa

When in Sunne, don’t miss visiting the Selma Spa. Sweden’s first spa hotel, Selma Spa opened back in 1991. Today, it is a first-class facility for recovery, enjoying life, exercise and relaxation. 

Selma Spa accommodations

Selma Spa is of course a hotel you can stay at when visiting Sunne. But if you are staying in a motorhome or other hotel, you can still visit Selma Spa during the day. There are lots of activities and opportunities for exercise. Maybe you want to join one of their workouts. Yoga or spinning, you choose.

Swimming in the pool and sauna at Selma Spa

At Selma Spa, there are both indoor and outdoor pools. All with a view of Fryken. Here you can rest in a whirlpool, participate in water aerobics, swim around or just hang out by the edge of the pool. There are two outdoor pools, one of which was built as an infinity pool and seems to merge with the waters of Fryken while you’re lying there paddling. If the weather is sunny and nice, we recommend lying on one of the sunbeds around the pool. Inside, you’ll find three different saunas… you should probably try all three. 

Work out in Sunne at the spa

For fitness freaks or those who like to stay active, Selma Spa offers a variety of workout options. There is a great outdoor gym, and there is an indoor spinning facility, amongst other things. If you’ve never tried Zumba or Tabata, now’s your chance. Yes, you can actually participate in over 20 different workouts. Everything from Bodybalance and Yoga to Boot Camp and Box.

At Selma Spa, you can book your own physical therapy. This can be good for those who need extra support getting started with their training.

Selma Spa treatments

At Selma Spa, you can enjoy various treatments. Either for the entire body, or maybe just the face. Here you are taken care of by professional therapists. If you’d like to take a spa bath, you can choose from a relaxing bath or a cleansing bath. At Selma Spa, you can also book a duo treatment, a treatment you take along with your loved one or friend in a luxurious spa suite. 

Massage Selma Spa 

Classic massage or Hot Stone massage? What type of massage would you like when visiting Selma Spa? There are five different types of massage to book. One of these is specially adapted for those who are pregnant. Massage is very effective for getting down a lower speed and maybe this is what you need to start your holiday when visiting Sunne.

Selma Spa – one of Sunne’s eateries

Food and health are connected. At Selma Spa, you can slip in for lunch every day between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. or book a table for dinner at Restaurang Smak. The ingredients that form the basis for the meals here are often from local growers and inspired by the Värmland countryside. Don’t forget to enjoy the wonderful view overlooking the lake.

Day spa – a day to enjoy

To be guaranteed a spot for a day at the spa, you need to book your visit. The day spa at Selma Spa can look three different ways: Breakfast at the spa, Lunch at the spa or spa with dinner. Which one is right for you? Don’t forget to book a treatment if you want to get one while you are on site.

Hiking trails at Selma Spa

Selma Spa is a scenic location overlooking Lake Fryken in the east and the forest in the west. The open-air area of Sundsberget is located right next to Selma Spa. Great all year round for those visiting Selma Spa. When it’s snowing, there are cross-country ski trails here and when the ground is bare, you can go hiking on nice trails, run on bark-covered trails or bike on mountain biking trails.