Spela padel i Sunne

In Sunne, there are padel courts by Kolsnäs next to Sunne Camping. If you like to play padel, you can meet like-minded people here for a match. Are you a beginner who wants to try it? At Sunne Camping & Sommarland, you can both rent padel rackets and buy balls. 

Outdoor courts for padel  

The paddle courts in Sunne were inaugurated in 2020. The courts are illuminated, so you can play here even on days when you need more light. The courts are of the same standard and are approved by both World Padel Tour and the Swedish Padel Federation. 

How to book padel in Sunne

Monkey Padel has online booking for the padel courts in Sunne. You can book the time that works best for you here. If you want to play more times, you can buy a punch ticket. You can also buy these online on Monkey Padel’s website.

Tennis and padel

There are also tennis courts next to the padel courts. The sports are similar but not the same. The racket looks different and in padel you play against walls or panes of glass located at the rear edge of the court. In padel, you always play with someone, so you play doubles, not singles matches. 

Rules of padel

In this way, it’s similar to tennis, so you count points the same way. The service lines are only used for the first ball, i.e. the serve. The serve should bounce in the opponent’s service box and is allowed to bounce against the glass wall before the opponent hits the ball. The glass wall on your own side can be used to play the ball over to your opponent. It sounds difficult. Those who have tried it say it’s easier to play padel than tennis. Try it!

Serving in padel

In tennis, the ball is thrown up to make a serve. In padel, on the other hand, the serve is hit underhand and the ball must be hit at or below waist level and the ball has to bounce on the ground. It is important to know where the bounce will hit. Specifically, it’s been determined that it should be done behind your own service box and between the centre line and the side wall. Where you stand is also important, your feet and body should be on the service side and at least one foot should be on the ground. It might be best to read up before making your first serve.