Sunne Golf Course

Fancy playing golf when visiting Sunne? You’ll find a nice golf course with fairways along Lake Fryken. This is an 18-hole course that looks really inviting. If you’re coming in on E45, you can’t miss the course. It’s located by the large Stamfrändemonumentet.

Combine Västanå Theatre with golf

Right next to the golf course is Berättarladan. A tip is to play golf during the day and in the evening visit Berättarladan to see Västanå Teater put on one of its performances. Or why not visit Rottneros Park, which is also right next door. Children might prefer to play water games at Sunne Sommarland. It’s not a guarantee that everyone in a family plays golf. Sunne golf is easily combined with other activities.

Golf Package Sunne

Several accommodations offer golf packages that include green fees, accommodation and food. Amongst the packages is Selma Spa, which offers packages with access to the spa area. Broby Gästgivaregård lets you decide what your golf package looks like. You can choose if you want to stay several days and what meals you want to eat at the hotel. Ulsvby Herrgård has a golf package for those who want to play golf in Värmland at Sunne GK for one, two or three nights. All packages come with at least one three-course dinner included.

Nils Holgersson’s inn, restaurant and golf shop

Near Sunne Golf Club is the restaurant and inn Wärdshuset Nils Holgersson. Housed in the building with rounded windows down by Lake Fryken, you can enjoy poultry, fish and everything in between 7 days a week. A lunch buffet is served here between 11 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. and an à la carte menu after that. A fantastic location where you can look out over the well-cut golf course and the glittering Lake Fryken. The golf shop is also housed in the same building. If you need new balls, want to improve your game with a new club or are generally keen on shopping, everything you need as a golfer is here.

Cottages at Sunne Golf Club

Next to the golf course are seven cottages with magnificent views down over Lake Fryken. It offers a great stay and is close to the first tee. The cottages are rented via Wärdshuset Nils Holgersson and the golf club. The larger cottages can accommodate as many as 10 people. The patio by the cottage overlooks the lake. All the equipment for your household is here, but also a TV, shower and WC. If you purchase a golf package, breakfast and green fees are included. 

Many golf courses in Värmland

Many of the golf courses in Värmland are beautifully situated near a lake. But few golf courses can boast this view of Lake Fryken. If you want to play golf with a similar view, you can go to Uddeholm’s golf course which is next to Rådasjön or to Eda Golf Club, Noresund, which is located on a cape on Lake Hugn. You get a view of Lake Vänern at Billerud’s golf course. If you want to see Lake Fryken from a different direction, head to Kils GK. You can set up your own bucket list of golf courses with lake views in Värmland.