Shopping in Sunne

There is a surprising range of choices available in Sunne when it comes to shopping. There are shops here with a little extra: furniture shops, clothing stores, flowers, jewellers and electronics stores. Everything is clear and easy to find when visiting Sunne’s vibrant city centre.

Clothing and shoes 

Most stores in Sunne are small private shops, but there are also chain stores here and there.  If you want to buy a new dress, a new pair of shoes or maybe buy a present for someone you love, you’re sure to find it at one of our lovely shops. A store named Garderob says that you’ll be sure to fill your wardrobe after a visit here. Clothes for women and men can also be found at Entré, located on Bryggaregatan. You have a great selection to choose from in Sunne.

Shangri-La of underwear 

Shangri-La is in Sunne. No, not the fictional city written about in the novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton. We mean the well-stocked underwear store on Kvarngatan in Sunne. You’ll get all the service you can imagine as a customer of the store. If you’re looking for swimwear, underwear or pyjamas, it’s here. At Lindex down the street towards Storgatan, you’ll also find underwear. There are also clothes for women and children here. 

Sunne Square 

At Sunne Square, which goes by the name Teatertorget (Theatre Square) up to Teaterbiografen, there are great shops that make life fun. In addition to Garderob, you’ll find Katarinas Guldsmedja, Fryksdalsdesign, Herbertssons Florist & Blommor and Skoshoppen. Maybe a new pair of shoes would fit nicely? On Kvarngatan next to Teatertorget is Sunne-Bazaren (Sunne Bazaar), with a wide selection of toys, crockery and household utensils. The nearest neighbour is the pharmacy and right next to that is Systembolaget.

Shops for sports and leisure

Looking for a store where you can buy workout clothes or anything you need to practice a sport? You’ll find both clothes and equipment at Intersport in Sunne. Fritidsbanken might also have what you’re missing. Fishing equipment is best found at Böjda Spön. You can also get tips on which lure works best for a particular lake here. Everything you need for a successful day as an angler or for those who just want to fish for fun. 

Knit a mitten or read a book

Are you the type who likes to read books in their spare time? Visit Fernlöf’s book store if you’re looking for something to read. It also sells office supplies, games and puzzles as well as pairs of binoculars here and there. If you want to knit or embroider, there is probably a book about this as well. Lilla Garnverkstan on Kvarngatan has yarn and accessories for creating with yarn. Red, green, blue and all kinds of colours of wool and cotton yarn or even linen embroidery thread can be found here. If you want to read a newspaper, there is a large selection of magazines and newspapers at Direkten. 

Interior design

Maybe you’re someone who likes to make it nice at home or wants to decorate the motorhome a little when travelling. Living Interiör has lots of nice things just like Sunne Bazaren, Loppis de Luxe and Fyndet. In Sunne, there is also Jysk, which has things for your home. At Sundsbergs Gård, there is also a small shop with nice things. 

Jewellery, watches and phones

There are two stores for jewellery and gold in Sunne. In addition to Katarinas Guldsmedja, there is also Tärnemarks Guld, which you can find on Storgatan. They also sell watches here if you want to keep track of time. Others keep track of time by looking at their phones. If you want to buy a mobile phone, you can go to ELON Ljud & Bild.

Curious about other stores in Sunne? 

When you are in Sunne, you can also visit SmartCare, Inka Musik, Sunne Motorsågsservice, Åkes El or Juvelen Secondhand. Broby Färghall and Sunne Järnhandel are a few other stores. In Sunne, there are several grocery stores, at Coop, ICA and Pekås, you’ll find food for the day if you don’t want to eat at any of Sunne’s restaurants.

Shopping and socialising

While some of the family shops, the others might entertaining themselves at the playground at Mejeriängen, a meeting place with lovely green areas right next to Fryken. There is space for wonderful activities, lovely relaxation and spreading out with a picnic basket. At the site, there is a playground, pump track, skate ramp, balance beams, sunbeds and barbecue areas. You will also find fine artistic creations from some of our places of interest.