Adventures in Rottneros Park

Rottneros Park in Sunne is the perfect place to go for a family outing. Here grandparents, their grown children and grandchildren can all have fun together. Maybe someone wants to linger amongst the blooming flower beds, while another would rather grab a snack, and another thinks the playground is the best.

What do you do on a cloudy day in Värmland?

Now that the sun has been shining for a week, the family has been hanging out at the beach at Bomstad in Karlstad and packing the beach bag has become a habit— suddenly the weather changes. 

What? Cloudy weather? What should we do now? Here’s a tip! Rottneros Park is at its best during a bit of cloudy weather. You will find lots of fun here for children. 

Run and play in large areas

Rottneros park has areas large enough that it never feels crowded, even when the park has many visitors.

The lawns are huge and you can stretch out on your blanket here and enjoy a picnic amongst the greenery. There are lockers at the entrance, so there’s no need to carry all of your stuff. You just might find your favourite spot along the bottom of the park by Kungens Trädgård.

App with trail guides for Rottneros Park

Download the Sagolika Sunne app for your smartphone. In the app, you will find trail guides for Rottneros Park. It is partly a guided tour of the park, and partly a guided tour of the sculptures. 

The app is available for any system and is free. If the kids get bored, you can also complete the children’s quiz found in the app. The app also has tips on other places to visit in and around Sunne.

Playground for the playful

In Rottneros Park, there is a playground for children. Here the little ones can try pedal cars, jump on a bouncy cushion and climb on the ship. 

In the pond is the pirate raft, one popular activity is to pull the raft across to the other side. It’s exciting for both older and younger children when visiting Sunne Värmland.

Ice cream for children in Rottneros Park

Big and small, we all like ice cream. Especially on a summer day, it’s just right. In Rottneros Park, you can buy ice cream for yourself and the whole family at Rosen’s ice cream café, located by Carl Eld’s plaza. Ice cream is also available in the café at the park’s entrance.

Eating in Rottneros Park

There is a café and shop at the entrance to the park. In the café, there are light meals for lunch snacks. If you want a snack break, there are lots of goodies to treat the whole family. 

The shop next door has lovely items, maybe even a gift for the person who’s watering your flowers at home while you look at the flowers in Sunne Värmland.

Next to Västanå Teaters Berättarladan

In Berättarladan, just outside Rottneros Park, Västanå Teater puts on its acclaimed performances. Along with their plays, they also open up the Art Exhibition.

If you are in Rottneros Park, take the chance to head down and see all the beautiful costumes used in performances over many years A fantastic and impressive exhibition for the whole family.