Family outing to Sunne Sommarland

Romping and playing in a water park is fun for younger and older children alike. When we say older children, we also mean those who are grown up but like to play and are a kid at heart. This is a perfect family outing. Sunne Sommarland offers water activities for the whole family, saunas, hot tubs and about 20 different water play places in one location. 

Sunne Water Park

Is it true that Sunne is the funnest spot in Sweden? It might be if you think summer is at its best when you can bring the whole family and enjoy large spaces and playing in the water. 

At Sunne Sommarland, there are attractions that suit even the smallest, meaning those under 1 metre tall. For safety reasons, several rides require the child to be 100 cm or 120 cm. 

Sunnebacken and other attractions at the water park

At Sunne Sommarland, there are lots of different ways to experience and have fun in the water. At Sunnebacken, you can ride the slide through a sea of foam… just for fun. At Mammuten, you sit with three others and ride through tunnels on the way down to the pool at the end of the course. Breathtaking fun! 

Speaking of breathtaking, because it’s so steep, you can also try Fritt Fall (Free Fall). If you are brave enough to try. New attractions are upcoming and for the 2021 season the new attraction Duellen opens. Race against friends riding in the next track. 

Sun, sauna and lagoons

There are plenty of sun loungers in the area for a moment in the sun. If the weather isn’t great, you’ll find a sauna and lagoons to warm up in. For those who want to swim and play in Lake Fryken, there is a swimming area with jetties and several attractions. You can compete on the wipe-out track with your friends to see who gets to the top first.

For those don’t want to swim

If you don’t want to swim, or just want to take a break from the water, there are lots of options for play and recreation in the area. The large bouncy cushion lets you jump around for hours, or make your way though winding tunnels and climb over breathtaking obstacles in the obstacle course. Why not play a round at Äventyrsgolfbanan (Adventure Golf Course), it’s fun for young and old!

Stay at Sunne First Camp and Sommarland lodging

Near Sunne Sommarland, you will find Sunne First Camp, a popular destination in itself with high standards. An oasis for families, couples or friends. 

Here you can choose to stay with the whole family in a cottage, or in your trailer or camper. There are service houses with everything you might need, from laundry facilities to showers. Booking the Sommarland Package includes admission to Sommarland and two nights’ accommodations. 

In the area you will find a restaurant and other activities such as adventure golf and mini-cars. If you prefer to stay in a hotel, Selma Spa and Broby Gästgivaregård are close by. If you have access to a car, you can stay at hotel Frykenstrand or Ulvsby manor.

Sunne Sommarland opening hours and admission fees

Sommarland opens shortly after midsummer and is open until mid-August when school starts again. Arrive at 10 a.m. and stay until 5 or 6 p.m., depending on when you visit Sunne Sommarland. 

If you will be at the water park for a whole day, feel free to bring a blanket to sit on and snacks to keep your spirits up. More information about open hours and prices can be found here, where you can go directly to Sunne Sommarland’s website.

Attractions at Sunne Sommarland

  • Wipeout, a fun inflatable obstacle course on Lake Fryken
  • Water obstacle course
  • Children’s pool
  • Serpentinen, Sommarland’s longest water slide!
  • Mammut, an exciting ride in an inflatable boat
  • Fritt Fall, for the daring
  • Långa Vågen, only slightly more mild than Fritt Fall.
  • A number of pools
  • Hot tubs
  • Ormen, a slide for the children
  • Racer, a speedy ride in an inflatable boat
  • Racer with carpet, a speedy ride on carpet
  • Bodyslide, G-force as your body slides around the track
  • Lazy River, just as mellow as it sounds
  • Bubblan, bouncy cushion and water combined
  • Hoppkudde
  • Skeppet, a bouncy castle for the smaller children
  • Bommen, a spinning boom you attempt to jump over without falling
  • Hinderbana, an exciting and challenging obstacle course on land

What to do in Värmland with children 

One of the most fun things to do when travelling with children in Värmland is to visit Sunne Sommarland. Even if you don’t like spending time in the water, you can be sure your children will. 

And if the children have fun, your day won’t feel so long either. You might kick back in a sun lounger and keep a watchful eye on your kiddos, while you read a book. If you are in Sunne, you might choose a book by a local author: Selma Lagerlöf or Göran Tunström maybe?

Activities for the family

At Sunne Camping, there are several different activities for the family to choose from. In addition to Sunne Sommarland, there is a playground, beach volleyball court, Segways and bicycle cars for rent. Little ones who want to try driving can rent electric mini cars. 

Children get to drive on paved tracks with traffic signs, so it feels like the real thing. Everyone in the family can take part in adventure golf. A mini golf course with challenging obstacles, where the one with the least strokes wins. Good luck!

Water park next to Fryken

It is certainly wonderful to swim in a Swedish lake. Heading to Sunne Sommarland gives you a different experience. If you are set on a lake swim, Fryken is right next door and the Wipeout course, one of the water attractions, is located right in Fryken. So the water park stretches out into the natural and beautiful waters of Fryken.