Playgrounds in Sunne

If you are on a holiday with children, a playground can do wonders. For children with extra energy who need to run around. You will find lots of those options in Sunne. There are large and small playgrounds, large grassy areas and large parks such as Sunne Sommarland and Rottneros Park.

Sunne Sommarland with water play

The top playground in Sunne is probably Sunne Sommarland’s water park. Here, fun-seekers large and small can amuse themselves for hours. Yes, even entire days. After spending time on rides like Bubblan, Skeppet and Hoppkudden, it can be nice to take a trip down the Lazy River. This is a water-themed playground. 

Kolsnäs swimming area with playground at Sunne Camping

Right next to Sunne Sommarland and Camping is Kolsnäs swimming area and a playground with large sandpits, a climbing frame, several swings and slides. A fun place to hang out for those who want to play. During the summer lots of children who stay at the campsite will spend time here. If your child wants to find someone to play with for awhile, this is the right place.

Rotttneros Park for children who like to play

Nils Holgersson’s adventure park is located in Rottneros Park. The park has two sections. One section has a large ship where children can climb and slide down fast. Several swings can be found here, too. There is even a little cable car children can bring down by swinging on a rope. In the second section of the park there are pedal cars and a pirate raft. The raft brings the children across the pond by pulling on the rope. Who can cross the fastest?

Picnic and swim in the park

Rottneros Park is a perfect place for a picnic. There are large lawn areas and beautiful scenery. Bring your blanket to sit on and choose a spot where the children can run around. If you forget to bring snacks, there are treats for sale at the café or kiosk. Down by the lake there is a swimming area. Sometimes swimming is the best way to play. Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit, in case you want to go for a swim. 

Mejeriängen with pump track and skate ramp

In central Sunne by Mejeriängen just behind ICA, there used to be a dairy. Now you will find a playground that offers swings and climbing frames, skate ramps and a technical course for bicycles. The playground is sometimes also called Sunneparken. You will find seating and a barbecue area, where everyone can have a lovely time. Right next door you will find cafés and restaurants if you need to replenish your energy to play some more.

Public playgrounds 

If you want to find a playground near your location, we have some tips: If you are on the west side of Fryken in the center of Sunne, there are public playgrounds at Vårvägen -Övre Leran, Hästskon- Floragatan, Repslagargatan, Timotejvägen, Södra Hea and Frykenvägen. If you are on the other side of Frykensundet, on the same side as the church, you will find a playground at Älgvägen. Schools and preschools also have playgrounds, but they are not public and are only intended for children attending the school. 

Beach with sand castle building

In and around Sunne there are several nice swimming areas with lovely sand. Sand + bucket + spade usually means building sand castles. To build a more sturdy creation, we recommend bringing a funnel as well. Mix the sand with water and let it drip down as you build. Building this way takes time, but the reward is that it will last longer. Sandy beaches are found at Trötvik in Gräsmark and the northern end of Rottnen, in Lysvik at Lyviks Camping and at Kolsnäs swimming area.