Famous men who have been to Sunne

This is the title of one of Göran Tunström’s books. One or two celebrities have of course been to Sunne, some celebrities have moved here and some were born and raised here. It’s simply a nice place to live. There are many people who have made themselves known through cultural deeds, in crafts, acting, music or as authors. We present some here. 

Selma Lagerlöf, author and entrepreneur

Not to mention Selma Lagerlöf would be a sin. Selma Lagerlöf was in her time a woman who influenced society through her literature and through her actions. She was best known as a writer, but was also a politician and entrepreneur. In Sunne, her work has played an especially large role, as her childhood home at Mårbacka is one of our most well-known destinations.

Selma Lagerlöf i 50-årsåldernFoto: A. Blomberg, Stockholm.

Göran Tunström, author

The books written by Göran Tunström reflect his upbringing in Sunne. The books talk about places in Sunne from Göran’s perspective. By reading Prästungen, you can get a hint about what it was like to live in Sunne in his time. If you visit Sunne, you can visit the places and imagine more with the help of his stories.


Karin Broos, artist

The Broos family chose to settle in Östra Ämtervik, Sunne. Marc and Karin Broos built the Alma Löv Museum here, and Karin has her studio there. Karin Broos’ motifs are often taken from the Värmland environment and have been shown at Prins Eugen Valdemarsudde and House of Sweden in Washington.


Inger Hallström Stinnerbom, costume designer at Västanå Teater

Anyone who has visited Berättarladan or any of Västanå Teater’s performances has to admire the splendour and sometimes the simplicity of the clothes that the actors wear. The woman behind all the costumes is Inger Hallström Stinnerbom. With a sense of colour, form and material, she spots the role of the character and contributes to a magical experience.


Helene Tursten, author

Irene Huss and Embla Nyström are characters created by the author Helene Tursten, who lives in Sunne. Helene writes crime novels, but these do not have Sunne as their arena, but take place in Gothenburg environments. Sunne was and is a good environment for writing.

Göran Samuelsson, musician

We refer to Göran as a musician, but he is actually also a modern storyteller. In his lyrics, he expresses his view on life, on both the inside and outside, and often with a political point of view. The music style is described as a mix of rock, blues and country, and sometimes rap.