Art Exhibitions and Galleries in Sunne

In Sunne at the open art galleries and exhibitions you will discover Art that inspires, gives rise to questions and is sometimes provocative. Welcome to visit those exciting places!

Alma Löv Museum

In Smedsby at the eastern side of Fryken you will find an oasis. There, artists Marc and Karin Broos built Alma Löv Art Museum of Unexp. Art. Its 16 pavilions display art works created by artists from all over the world. All pavilions have different and exciting shapes, sizes and contents and were built along a walking path through a forest dump.

The path leads you out onto a meadow and towards the entrance on Paleis Oranjestraat, which is a rebuilt barn and lounge with ten rooms and space for installations of all kinds.

Sillegården – Exhibition Farm

Sillegården (Sille farm) has a long history with a focus on art. Ida Sahlström, a textile artist and furniture designer bought Sillegårds Brunn, which was then a hot bath house, in 1915. There she developed a boarding-house business. Ida grew up at the Sahlströmsgården in Torsby and her siblings were also artists.

When you visit Sille farm, you can see the hall curtains and rag mats that she designed. At Sillegården today you can enjoy other people’s art and also create items yourself. This is a place with an art tradition full of artistic life. There is also an opportunity to stay for a coffee break in the garden, paint your own pictures and stay overnight at the guest house.

Sundsbergs Farm exhibition hall

You will find Sundsbergs farm when you drive by Ekeby Road in central Sunne. The Farm’s Art Gallery is housed in the old barn, which has been renovated. Every year 10-12 exhibitions are arranged there. The farm is also used for other cultural events such as Culture Week. Enjoy Art and have a cup of coffee. Homemade buns taste amazingly.

Södra Ås Culture Gallery is a workhouse located in the former mission house in the village of Ridge just south of Mårbacka. The Gallery is run by an artists couple Dag Hultcrantz, and Marie Rowan. Dag is an oсarina maker and sound sculptor.

Marie is an artist. They are open during the Art Round which is arranged during Easter, and in summer when they have their summer exhibition. If you’ve never heard anyone play ocarina ask Dag to take little tune. Marie’s paintings are made in acrylic and are detailed painted with great humor.

Sculptures Rottneros Park

Among flowerbeds in a beautiful Rottneros Park you will find over 100 sculptures There are works by Carl Milles, Gustav Vigeland and Carl Eldh among others. The flower beds in Rottneros Park are created with a fingertip feel and offer color games that are also worth seeing.

Buildings in the Park can also be seen at an artistic perspective, or at least be viewed as a fine architecture influenced by Baroque.

Galleri Björken in Sunne Bibliotek offers lovely exhibitions, amazing petite prints of the world value as well as local items.

Klenells Edsbjörke Studio

On your way to glass artists Inga-Lena and Ragnar Klenell’s Studio, you will pass through the magnificent Birkefors mansion. By a small dirty road you will reach the place where glass works have been created for many years. Glass Art seen by art lovers all over the world.

Inga-Lena’s beautiful trees in glass are airy in the same way as they create a powerful impression of forest land. Ragnar’s vases and glasses in rich colors will adorn any home. Here it is open by appointment.

Jimena Galleri and Concept Store

At Stenserud 41, Gräsmark, you will find Mark van den Heuvel’s artistic photos together with Jimena Concept Store. Mark’s photographs make you frown and put a smile on your lips. Season in May-September, Saturday-Sunday at 11 – 16.


Artist Solveig Nyqvist works with sculptures and paintings and has been working in her studio in a beautiful Lysvik since 1966. She will be happy to accept visitors by appointment.

Dal Dalbo Atelie

At Dalbo Atelie in Lysvik you will meet Margareta Sunnemar’s exciting creations. Artwork on wood/plywood or iron sheets with sand and acrylic or lime-based paints. Sculpture with iron ribbon, copper and silver wire. Open by appointment.

Welcome to Träsmak Gallery in Mallbacken! Here you will meet Everts’ wooden art in the form of cabinets and sculptures, as well as Ingrid’s paintings, mainly in oil, but also in acrylic and watercolor. During summer in June – August, the Gallery is open daily at 12-16, but please call before you come. Other times as agreed.

Art in West Art Society

Art in West art society is a non-profit artists and arts association in Fryksdalen that works to arouse, entertain and spread interest in art. In the art galleries around Sunne Värmland and Fryksdalen, the association exhibits artistic works. In addition to exhibitions, the association arranges courses, lectures and art trips.

Övre Frykens Art Rounds

Every Easter an Art Round is arranged in Fryken. Here, an art enthusiast can visit galleries and studios that are otherwise not open. During the Round, there are usually around 30 exhibitors, who are open to show paintings, textiles, ceramics, photography and homecraft arts. Even some farm shops are open during Easter holidays.

Gunnerud Residence

Gunnerud Residence offers culture workers a meeting place. Artists’ residence was started on the initiative of Alma Löv to invite artists from all over the world, a place where artists and culture workers are inspired by the beautiful place and by each other.

Here is also one of the area meeting places where courses and events are arranged. The association includes a variety of cultural actors such as Västanå Theater, Origo Film, author Lars Andersson, Alma Scripteducation and Konstfrämjandet (Art Promotion) among others.

Hellström Atelie

Welcome to Kjell Hellstroms Atelie at Haga 26 in a beautiful Rottneros! Here you can admire his woodcut items, an exciting art form with a long history. Hellstrom Atelie is open to you by appointment.

Visual Artist Katarina Gåsste

Welcome to visit Katarina in her studio on Furugatan in Sunne by appointment. Here you can see paintings in oil, acrylic and watercolor.

Karina Johansson is active both as a writer and artist. Among her motifs and acrylic pictures one can often see places in Sunne from the past and present. Atelie on Åmbergsvägen in Sunne can be visited by appointment.

Uller Design

In Bäckalund you will find Uller Design. Here you can discover some of Maj-Lis Uller’s art treasure made of glass, sculptures and paintings, most of them performed in mixed technology. Open by appointment.

Bernt in Borgeby

Bernt Jansson has been painting in watercolor since 1984. You will find his art works in his own gallery at Södra Borgeby. Open by appointment.

Backen Atelie

In Bäckalund you will find Backen Atelie where you can admire Joss van de Nadort’s woodcraft items. Here, raw pieces of wood are transformed into the works of art, each with a story to tell. Open in summer on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 12-18. Other times as agreed.

artAWE at Bössviken Öa Ämtervik

Crisis-Identity-Physics-Religion-Spirituality. This is an exhibition of golden-cut triangles. From Värmland down to the Pyramid of Cheops. Anita Wingefors arranges workshops and courses with elements of meditation, painting and theory at the conference hall. Opening hours are on first Sunday of every month from 12 am to 15 pm. Other times by appointment.