Västanå Theater in Berättarladan 

One of Värmland’s largest barns has been rebuilt into Värmland’s coolest theatre stage. Next to Rottneros Park is this huge barn, built in 1937. In the past, the barn served the agriculture that was done here. The location is beautiful with Fryken just below. Through the thin panels, you can see the rays of the sun peeking in or hear the rain pattering on the metal roof.

The big theatre stage in Berättarladan

When the scene was to be built, they were inspired by the stages that Shakespeare used. Stages like this are called Elizabethan stages or English Renaissance theatres. The term refers to the dramas that were performed in England after the Reformation. This particular stage and the job of leading the work of rebuilding the barn to be suitable for theatre arts was done by set designer Lars Jacob Jakobsson. There is space for 500 people.

The loft, with the winter-based stage

To be able to perform and entertain you during the cold months of the year, Västanå Teater has had a part of the barn decorated for winter. They have worked with wood in the construction and décor. You could say that the structure is a box in the barn. A stylish box. The building was nominated as one of ten buildings for Årets Bygge (Construction of the Year) 2020. Västanå Christmas is held here, a musical story in December.

Nils Holgersson was the first performance in Berättarladan

Selma Lagerlöf’s stories are usually the basis for the performances put on in Berättarladan. The premiere performance was in 1999. Since then, several of Selma’s works have been performed as theatre here in Berättarladan. Some of these are Gösta Berlings Saga, Lomjansguten and Löwensköldska Ringen. Other works with other authors have also been performed in the barn. Romeo and Juliet and The People of Hemsö are some examples. Between 25 and 30 thousand guests visit Berättarladan every year.

Västanå Teater’s home stage

Västanå Teater has created a stage that suits the actors very well. The stage is not locked with fixed elements, the scenography is changed with the help of the actors. During the performances, one can only be fascinated by how the stage is suddenly a stormy sea or a clearing in the forest with tiny, ingenious changes. The choice to build the stage in wood was made to create warmth.

Costume exhibit

Berättarladan has a capacity of 500 spectators in the northern part. In the southern part is the Loft, which seats 240 people. Under the Loft is the old brick barn section, where there is an exhibit with about a hundred stage costumes that were sewn for different performances. There are also masks and other decorations that have been included over the years. 

Berättaladan’s café and restaurant

In Berättarladan, there is both a café and a restaurant. These are only open in connection with the performances. The café is located on the upper level in the middle of the barn. On a hot summer day, the shutters open and the view down over Fryken and the forest landscape on the other side of the lake is enchanting. The restaurant is located in the old barn area on the ground floor. Keep in mind that it was here that the farm’s cows ate the oats and hay in the past. Now you have the opportunity to eat well-cooked locally produced food in the same place during the intermission.