Local Food

One way to experience a place is to eat the food grown and produced here. To taste the place simply. In Sunne you will find growers and producers of various kinds of beverages and food products. Eggs, vegetables, apple juice, bread, artisan flour, sausages, cheese and beer. Look out for local food on restaurant menus in Sunne.

Kulinarika – food and vineyard

In Västra Ämtervik by Aplungen you will find Kulinarika food and vineyard. The restaurant here has a wonderful view across the lake, and you can enjoy tasty local food. Kulinarika at Aplungen processes fruit and berries, and makes its own cider, apple juice, apple beer and other products such as lingon ketchup. Kulinarika also offers courses and tastings to make your meal an experience. The restaurant seats a large number of people, so you can be sure there’s room for everyone you’d like to invite to your party. Kulinarika at Aplungen holds pizza nights. If you are passing by, visit the farm shop and take your purchase home.

Grinnemo raspberries and honey in Gräsmark

You will find a proud grower amongst the beehives and raspberry bushes just north of Gräsmark. Some of their products have won the gold in the Swedish Championships for food crafts. They produce honey, raspberry jam, funnel chanterelle chutney, as well as rhubarb jams and juices. The farm is beautifully situated at the northern end of Grässjön. Their products are available in hotels and restaurants in and around Sunne. You can buy jam and juice in the farm shop when it is open. 

Fryken’s local beer 

In Sunne, you will find two local beer breweries. Västra Ämtervik’s brewery and Fryksdalen’s brewery. If you are the type who always likes to try locally made beer from the places you visit, then keep an eye out for these two. Västra Ämtervik’s beer goes by the name Frykenöl, IPA and ale with different flavours. They use malt, oats, hops, yeast and water to make their beer. The oats are roasted at the local mill in Stöpafors. Keep an eye out at local pubs, hotels and restaurants for these two local beers.

Artisan flour for Nävgröt

In Stöpafors 15 kilometres north of Sunne is a small mill dating from 1917. Stöpafors Kvarn’s artisan flour is made of oats that are roasted in wood-fired ovens and stone-ground. The flour has a fantastic taste and aroma and is excellent for baking to add a little extra character to your recipes. Selma Lagerlöf had her own mill for artisan flour production in her time. She even tried exporting the flour to America, unfortunately without success. The flour is used as the base of the local specialty Nävgröt. Head to a local farm to get a taste of Nävgröt with pork. At Mårbacka you can find cakes made with this flour. For example Skrädmjölsdrömmar and Mårbackakaka. 

Sausage from Värmland

Lundgren’s charcuterie has its production in Säljebacka a few kilometres south of Västra Ämtervik.  The products produced here are made from beef, pork and lamb from Värmland farms. Sausages, pâté, smoked meat, as well as air-dried sausages and meat are produced here. Their products can be bought via Rekoringar in the area and at Sillegården’s small summer store with local groceries.

Björkaholm’s bakery 

In the most beautiful surroundings, in what is called Gröna Dalen, there is a little bakery where sourdough bread is baked. They have an old mill there, and the flour used is ground on site. Their breads have names reminiscent of the local area and people who have worked in and around Sunne and Värmland.  If you want to taste forest pizza, you should head here when they are being baked. If you would like to learn how to bake with sourdough, courses are held here as well. Their bread is available for purchase at local grocery stores in the area.