5 Bike Tours in Sunne

Bring your bike when you visit Värmland! Why not experience Sunne from your bike saddle? Go for a ride just to enjoy the surroundings, or take your bike to one of our attractions. We hope that one of our five favourite routes will inspire you!

1. Bike with your kids to Rottneros Park

If you are staying at Sunne First Camp or somewhere else in that area of town, Rottneros Park is only just over 3 kilometres away. And the best thing is that there is a dedicated bike path all the way there! The bike path runs along the golf course with a great view of Lake Fryken. On the other side is the car road E45, but you never need to cross it. Once you arrive at the park, why not reward yourself with a delcious “fika” at the café, or maybe an ice cream? If your kids have energy to spare, the playground inside the park is great fun!

2. The Mårbacka tour, 25 kilometres

This tour follows along a car road, so we suggest that you avoid the busiest time of the day. A hybrid bike or a regular road bike will suit you best. Begin at road 241 and follow it east, and then the signs towards Mårbacka. If you want a break, Mårbacka memorial estate is the perfect place to relax and take a “fika”. Afterwards, continue south to the first crossroads where you take right. The next signpost with “Sunne” marks another right turn. Going back north, you will pass some little villages like Högberg and Mellby before reaching the beautiful hostel Gylleby manor. Now you’ll soon see the church spire in Sunne and it will lead you back.

3. Fredros, 40 kilometres

Nature Adventure has their home south of Gräsmark, and this tour begins at their farm in Sandvika. It will take you over both gravel and asphalt roads. A few kilometres south of Sandvika, you will take the road towards Ängen. Pass by the bubbling brook and enjoy the sounds of nature. Once at Ängen, continue towards Fredros where you will pass by lake Trehörningen. Perhaps it’s time to stop for a swim? From Fredros, the tour takes you back towards Gräsmark on asphalt roads. After the first kilometer, turn towards Mången and the old mining area. Continue on gravel roads past lake Borrsjön, and onto asphalt roads just north of Sandvika.

4. Ride your bike to Lysvik, 50 kilometres

Your goal here is of course a delicious ice cream at famous Grandma’s Ice Cream Café. Start from Sunne on the gravel bike path. It takes you to Ingmår, where you continue on the asphalt car road. Take a left at Björkefors herrgård and ride your bike past the Klenell glass blowers’ studio. Follow this little road until it takes a sharp right turn, cross the railroad and once again onto the asphalt road going north. This road is usually not busy and takes you all the way to Lysvik and that ice cream reward. If you want to take a different road back, go by Mallbacken – Bäckalund – Ivarsbjörke – Edsbjörke. Take a left here to return to Sunne.

5. Ride your bike and find control points

Every year, IK Fryken arranges bike orienteering. It’s called Naturpasset, and the goal is to find and stamp control points along roads and paths around Lysvik. The club places over 30 control points, that you can find on the map sold in local shops and at tourist attractions. Good luck!