Stay in Sunne and Hike in Värmland

Sunne is a perfect place to stay if you want to try different hiking trails in Värmland. From Sunne, you can get to the Glaskogen nature reserve and hiking trails at Hovfjället.

Fryksdal Line and Fryksdal Trail

The Fryksdal Trail starts in Kil and follows Fryken’s eastern shore. So does the Fryksdal Line, a railway connection that takes you north and then back to the hotel in Sunne. If you want to take a day trip on the trail, you can stay at the campsite in Lysvik at Frykens Pärla, hike to Torsby, a hike of about 20 km. Check the timetable going south and coordinate your hike with the train so you can comfortably get back to Lysvik. A tip along the way is to have coffee at Bada Herrgård, which has a café and farmyard shop. The Fryksdal Trail is 110 km in its entirety.

Hike in the Finn Forest

Several of the excellent hiking trails can be found in the Finn Forest. Ängenleden, Gruvrundan and 7-torpsleden are all located in regions where Finns settled in the 1500s to farm and live their lives as Swedish farmers. By 7-torpsleden, there are many ruins and several crofts that were homes for descendants of the Finns who came here from Savolax in Finland. Here you can hike along with a breathtaking history of the people of that time. Two of the crofts are located on the Norwegian side of the border. With this close proximity to Norway, there is also the modern history of people who fled to Sweden during WWII.

Hike in Glaskogen

It only takes just over an hour to get from Sunne to Glaskogen by car. Glaskogen is Värmland’s largest nature reserve and has over 300 km of marked hiking trails. They offer a booklet with 19 different tour suggestions on their website. It can be good to get some guidance. When you hike in Glaskogen, you purchase a Glaskogen card, but you can use all the services along the trails.

Tossebergsklätten and northwards

Drive north and take the winding road up on Tossebergsklätten. Recharge your batteries with a coffee in the café and then continue north to the Hovfjället nature reserve. Here you can choose between trails such as the shortest trail of 4 km, Torprundan, or challenge yourself with Hovfjällsrundan at 12 km. There are more trails in the area, so this is a good destination if you are staying in a hotel in Sunne.

On the way home

If you are visiting Sunne, you can reach the trails located south along E45 within an hour. Perhaps you’re on your way home to Gothenburg and have time for a hike. We recommend Kycklingleden by Segmon at just under 6 km. A hike that offers a view of Lake Vänern and you get a chance to stretch your legs.