The Sundsberg trail runs through lush river gorges and up ridges and mountains with beautiful views of the surrounding area. It is a natural path where you walk through the coarse-stemmed aspen forest, the brook valley rich in herbs and pass the Skogsbacken croft. The trail is described as difficult because it is very hilly.

Good to Know:

  • Trail length: 6 kilometres
  • Difficulty level: Difficult
  • Distance to Sunne: 2 kilometres
  • Starting point: Selma spa >

Outdoor recreation area

This trail starts at Sundsberget’s outdoor recreation area. There are both bike/MTB and cross-country trails for running and cross-country skiing along the illuminated trail. Although the trail is so close to built-up areas, it gives a certain sense of wilderness here. Both the trail itself and its proximity to the centre of Sunne make it one of the most popular tracks in Sunne. In the eastern part of the area there is also the Skogsbackstigen, which is a 4-km trail. In addition to the well-marked hiking trails of Sundsbergsleden and Skogbackstigen, the area is crossed by several unmarked paths. In addition, there is a well-developed system of illuminated trails, up to six kilometers.


Place for rest

The Sundsberg trail is best walked in a clockwise direction. There may be some damp areas, so put on your sturdy boots. Since this area is visited by many people, they have been invested in several great barbecue areas and benches for resting. There are rest areas with a fireplace at the Skogsbacken, Vintertorp, Granhult’s windshelter, behind the Trail Central and at the Bird Dam. At the view, rest your legs while enjoying the view beyond Fryksdalen.


A sea of blue anemones in the spring

It is especially beautiful to hike the Sundsberg trail in the spring, because the calcareous rock makes the blue anemones particularly plentiful here. In some places the mountain is flooded with the small blue-purple flowers. The area also grows hazel, fringed orchids and the fragrant daphne that bloom early in spring on the bare twig. The trees that grow here are spruce and pine and all the most common deciduous trees, including oak. 

Magical picnic site at the bird pond

Along the Sundsberg trail there are many nice rest areas. At the Skogsbacken tower you have both a lovely view of Fryken and a good barbecue area. One of the most popular rest areas is the Bird Dam at the far end of the trail. With wind shelter and barbecue facilities, it is peaceful to sit right near the pond and listen to the birds in the area. A short time each spring, frogs and toads play here and the pond is full of activity.

Hiking trail near Selma Spa

If you are staying at Selma spa, you are close to the Sundsberget outdoor recreation area. If you would like to go into the woods and air or see the view from the location called the “view” then you know it’s close. Take some shoes that work for hiking and you have an excellent complement to the training that Selma Spa offers on its indoor workouts. When Selma Spa organizes outdoor training, the forest area next door is used. 

Wild animals such as elk and roe deer

Both elk and deer are active in the Sundsberg area. Foxes and badgers live here and you can even find lynx spoor. A predator is found in places where they find food and the menu for the lynx consists of deer, for example. There is a rich bird life and you can encounter both hazel grouse and green woodpeckers as well as the three-toed woodpecker and grey-headed woodpecker.

Important biotope protection

There are four different biotope protection options in the area. There is no normal forest management here, instead the forest is left to stand and fall according to natural development. This makes the area favourable for many species, both plants and animals and birds. Even species that we do not want, such as the bark beetle, thrive and therefore you can also see areas of dead trees and areas harvested to stop the spread.