This lovely hiking trail starts and ends at Kalvhöjden’s nature reserve. The trail is a part of the Tiskaretjärn trail. The trail passes straight through the reserve and follows the reserve boundary and then turns into the forest. 

Good to Know:

Kalvhöjden nature reserve

The starting point has a car park, information board, picnic table and chemical toilet. The reserve is similar to the Tiskaretjärn, but on a smaller scale. There are hay meadows and grazing pastures, but no farm within the reserve limits. The signum for the reserve is meadow plants, such as field gentian and parnassia and pussy willows, as well as many fine hazel bushes. The reserve has a fresh water spring, but the water is not tested and approved for drinking water. Within the reserve it is only allowed to walk on the marked trails, so that the rare meadow flowers are not trampled down before haymaking.

Kalvhöjden blåsippor

Blue anemones and freshwater pearl mussels

This is a hyperite rock foundation, which makes the blue anemones and other flowers thrive. On this walk you will be near several streams, one of which houses the river pearl mussel. The streams open out into Lake Borrsjön and quite close to the hiking trail there is a nice bathing area, and a short detour of a few hundred meters allows you to take a refreshing dip.


Croft remains

You will also pass the remains of Ambiastorp and dream back to how things once were, there are clear remains from the house, the outbuildings and the food cellar. Just close to the foundation of the croft base grows the delicate and in conspicuous Moneses uniflora, if you were to come here one night at the beginning of June, then bend down and smell the wonderful scent of flowers. Along the trail there are plenty of remnants of mills and saws, which you can see on your hike.

Look for elk and badgers

When you pass the bridge over the outlet of the Koltjärnet, there is a possibility to take off your hiking boots and cool your feet for a while. On a steep slope you will walk parallel to the roach stream, which in certain seasons, throws itself down the hillside with wild abandon. There are also great opportunities to see elk and badger on this hike. 

View of Borrsjön village and lake

A large part of the trail runs on old tracks and is relatively easy to walk, however there are some substantial slopes to get up and down, but thanks to Kalvhöjden being relatively high, you have a stunning view of the Borrsjön village and lake. 

Hiking with dogs in the nature reserve

If you have a dog, start the walk down at the Borrsjön bathing place and walk parallel to the lake instead of going up to the reserve, then you can walk the whole trail without passing through the reserve itself, this is particularly important when there are grazing animals in the pastures you pass.