Hiking in Sunne with children

Are you bringing your kids to Sunne? Here are some suitable hiking trails that we can recommend for the whole family. The right trail for you, and the children with you, depends on the age and hiking experience of the children.

The boardwalk at Torvnäs

On the east side of Fryken, the same side as Sunne Kyrka, a boardwalk has been built. The boardwalk is made of wood and sways gently along the water’s edge. 

This is a great hike for those who are not into rough terrain and prefer a flat surface. In the reeds and bushes live birds that you and your group can see or hear chirping. It is fun to walk the boardwalk with children, who can learn a little something about the bird life here.  


This trail is only 2 kilometres long and runs on level ground. In some places it can be a bit wet, it is a bog after all. You can get by without getting your feet wet by crossing over footbridges. 

The trail goes through mixed forest and you and your children may find tracks or see deer and elk that live here. There are also plenty of birds around. Have a seat on a bench and listen to their song. Can you recognise the call of the Great Tit?

Around lake Lillsjön in Gräsmark

One trail that is easy to get around is Lillsjön Runt in Gräsmark. The lake you go around is called Udden and the trail is 4.4 km long. There are no difficult terrains or steep slopes, which can be tough for short legs. 

The trail runs on gravel road, as well as a bit of asphalt. On the west side, the gravel road goes up the hill and there is a nice view of the lake and church village. Next, follow a forest path for a few hundred metres before returning to the gravel road. The trail provides lovely views of the lake and the church.

3 km trail at Kalvhöjdens Nature Reserve 

The Ambiastorp trail is part of the Tiskaretjärn trail. The loop is 3 km and is considered moderately difficult. When hiking a more difficult trail with children, it is important that the trail is not too long. This trail offers enough to really make a child appreciate the hike. 

Here you can see grazing animals, magnificent views and beautiful little rippling streams. If you are hiking on a hot day, a dip in Borrsjön may be tempting. With a small detour from the path, it is no more than 100 metres down to the sandy beach. Don’t forget to bring a refreshing coffee in your backpack, in case your patience and strength run low. 

Askerudsberget, many different options

There are many different routes by Askerudsberget. That means you can customise based on your abilities, from 2 km to 12 km. 

The blue markings are called the “Quiz hike” and can be a suitable start for those hiking with children. If you have more will and strength than you thought, it is easy to choose a small loop for a longer hike.