Bike in Värmland with Sunne as Base Camp

Choose Sunne as your “base camp” and enjoy a variety of biking in Värmland. If you haven’t brought your own bike, there are several places to rent one. Sometimes, you might have to load your bike onto your car and drive for a bit. Here are some ideas for you!

Bike by the Skiing Tunnel in Torsby

Right next to the Skiing Tunnel is an area known as Valberget. It has varied bike trails, following along old paths and gravel roads. There are longer and shorter trails, presenting different challenges for the biker. You can choose the shorter Valbergsrundan (3 kilometres) or maybe take on one of the longest trails, like Bosebergsrundan with its almost 50 kilometres.

Ride the Gunnarskog Trail

Just west of Gräsmark, about half an hour’s trip, you will reach the starting point of the Gunnarskog Trail. It’s a combined biking and hiking trail, so be prepared to encounter or pass by hikers along the way. The trail has several rest stops with wind shelters, barbecue areas, and outhouses. You will pass by little forest ponds and the trail takes you both uphill and downhill through the forest. A wonderfully varied trail!

Ride the Bike Path along river Klarälven

Klarälven bike path reaches from Karlstad in the south to Hagfors in the north. It has been built on old railroad tracks, which means that there are no steep hills but 90 kilometres of car free asphalt road! Now and then you will glimpse the mighty Klarälven river from the path. If you are staying in Sunne, you can easily reach the bike path by driving road 241 to Munkfors. Where Klarälvsbanan bike paths ends in Hagfors, Klarälven hiking trail continues all the way to Sysslebäck.